What are the benefits for members?

The Network helps mentor members to:

♣ Be ahead of the rest, with up to date news and information

♣ Rub shoulders with the mentors you respect from around the world

♣ Build a professional network in the mentoring community

♣ Improve your practice with online and in-person professional development

♣ Access reduced price training through The Mentoring School

What are the benefits for mentoring organisations?

We help mentoring organisations to:

♠ Increase engagement with mentors

♠ Provide an amazing value-added

♠ Demonstrate rigor and a minimum standard for mentors

♠ Show clients and potential clients that you invest in your mentors

♠ Access reduce-price bulk training opportunities

♠ Make the difference to your clients by increasing the competence or knowledge of mentors

What are the benefits for companies?

We help organisations by:

♦ Providing Continuing Professional Development for mentors

♦ Ensure that your mentors are up-to-date

♦ Showing the public that your mentors are registered

♦ Demonstrating a kite-mark of professionalism about your mentoring

♦ Access discounted training rates

♦ Provide professional support for your mentors